Research has found the best approach for learning new skills is with an authentic experience — simulating a real life environment and work situation.

The SimulaCranium approach is built around simulating a regular work day using all of your applications and tools with an evolving storyline of events that unfolds during the scenario.

Building Efficacy

It is not enough for people to just learn a new skill. They must have the confidence and belief they can perform the skill and that if they do it will lead to positive outcomes. This efficacy is at the heart of the SimulaCranium approach.

How does this differ from other simulation and skill development approaches?

Fun and games. No doubt you have seen some simulation tools emphasising ‘gamification’ in learning. Just because some of the games are fun does not mean they provide value. Unless participants see a correlation of the game into their ‘real lives’ evidence proves it does not work.

Improved development. Our efficacy-focused approach allows participants to work on the hard skills you want developed while also improving teamwork, leadership, & communication skills across cross-functional teams.

Scalable and Flexible. Do you have 45-minutes, 2 hours, or more? Are you working with 5 people, 25 people, or 250 people? Do you need to ensure that management, human resources, marketing, and engineers can all work together? The SimulaCranium approach lets you create bespoke scenarios to address all needs at all levels of the organisation.

Open-world. Most simulation tools lead people by the hand and only create a two-dimensional experience. SimulaCranium scenarios create an open world experience where people can make mistakes, get distracted, and tackle issues and problems in their own way.

Simulacranium – visualising what matters before it matters.